Short Film
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Nathan is a young prodigy of seventeen, about to have a piano lesson. Emma, his teacher, is eight years older than him. While they play “The Sorcerer Apprentice”, they seem to seduce each other. Beyond notes and music, what is really happening in this practice room ?…


Festival des Films courts de Dinan



 7th Noida International Film Festival

Festival international de Pontault-Combault

Festival du Court-métrage de Fréjus

24ème édition du festival REGARD au Saguenay

Festival Dreux en Short

9th Kolkota Shorts International Film Festival

23ème édition du festival Détours en Cinécourt


Busan International Art Film Festival

63ème soirée de  « C’est pas la taille qui compte »

35ème Rencontres Gindou Cinéma
Jecheon International Music & Film

Interfilm KUKI 12th International Film Festival

Festival du court-métrage au Pays de Gabin

Festival du film court de l’Isle-Adam

  • Year
  • Producer
    Scarlett Hostein/
  • Written and directed by
    Paul & François Guerin/
  • Actors
    Hande Kodja/ Hugo Vitorino/ Aïda Monzini/ Emilie Pierson/ Ilys Barillot/ Alexandre Basciano/
  • Director of photography
    Romain Mosti/
  • Editor
    Paul & François Guerin/
  • Sound editor
    Robin Benisri/